AMMUNITION to fight for your health and life!!! Bang Bang!!

familynjeepMan what a beautiful and warm day it was yesterday.  We decided to load up in the jeep for a ride and go for a family walk  on some trails.  We all had a great time, and yes Lucy was right there with us so she was super excited too!  Speaking of the Jeep, yes I remember I told you I would send you the “finished project” pictures.  It has come a long way, but I still havent “finished” the project yet, but very close.  so maybe in the next couple of weeks I can send you some pics.  Again, it has been a long and trying process, but I believe you will agree, well worth the time, patience, and effort.

Speaking of “long and trying processes”, we all deal with these in our lives.  The main thing is to never give up on Expecting HIS Best.  And the whole time we are EXPECTING / BELIEVING, we must make sure our words and thoughts line up with what we Believe in our Hearts that we will see.  See it is our words and thoughts that can get us into a heap of trouble and actually hinder God’s Best from coming to us.  And realize it is not God holding back His best from us, but it is and or can be our words and thoughts that hold HIs best back. 

A minister once said when asked what Great Faith was: “Oh thats easy, it is when you get your head lined up with what your heart believes.”  That is so rich and so true.  Sometimes we can “believe” something in our hearts, but because our “heads” cant reason it out, we let what our head says dominate and get us out of faith.  This is one of the main reasons why God’s Word tells us explictly to “RENEW OUR MIND”.  When we make Jesus the Lord of our lives, our hearts/spirit is made completely new.  The Word actually says: You are a New Creation.  The old person is gone, completely, and you are completely NEW.  But realize this is referring to the “true” you.  ANd the “true” you is your Spirit.  Your mind is not made New.  That is your responsibility: TO RENEW YOUR MIND.  Well you also need to know how to Renew Your Mind.  This is quite simple (remember simple doesnt always mean easy).  You renew your mind by constantly thinking and speaking what His Word says about you.  And yes this is a constant battle, but you have the Victory In Christ Jesus already.  God has given you the ability and the information needed to accomplish this. 

One thing you must realize is that you are “thinking thoughts” and saying words all day long.  You just have to choose to be the one who decides what you will think on and what you will say.  If you dont then your past experiences, your current circumstances, what others say, what you FEEL like, and what it LOOKS like will choose your thoughts and words for you.  And if you allow that to happen then you can pretty much be gauranteed that you will not walk in HIS BEST for you.  You have to choose your thoughts and your words and they have to be based on HIS WORD, HIS GRACE, HIS PROMISED BLESSING to You.  And remember, getting your mind to line up with this can be a challenge sometimes, and yes it is a constant effort.  Remember though in all this, He gave you the right and authority to do it, and He gave you this so that you can literally take control of your health and life.  And no this doesnt mean in any way that everything will be perfect or a “bed of roses” but yes it absolutely does mean you can stand on His Word and expect His best as long as you are willing to STAND AND TO NEVER EVER GIVE UP.  YEH BABY!



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