He “hides those treasures FOR US”!!

lexus470Check out my new Ride!!  I have been wanting  this car for some time now and been looking around at these for many years.  This is a 2000 Lexus Lx470.  Me and LeAnne have loved the LandCruisers / Lexus trucks for a long time now.  So I decided this year that I was going to get us one.  I was looking for one that of course was in very good shape with low miles.  Well as He always does, my Daddy “hid” this one for me.  This one is all of what I wanted plus some.  It is in great condition for a 13 year old vehicle and man do we love it.  I have to be careful cause I know that my beautiful wife is trying to figure some way she can convince me to let her have it. 

Did you notice how I said my Daddy “hid” this one for me.  The Bible tells us that God is our Daddy who literally “hides his treasures for us.”  Notice He does not hide his treasure from us, but “for us”!!  God has so many great things in store for you.  And He literally has many treasures “HIDDEN FOR YOU”!!  We all want to improve our health, our relationships, our finances, etc, and that is great.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to succeed in this life.  And if we get and keep our focus right, On HIM, then living a “successful” life is part of His Best for us.  Now of course this in no way means that we dont face adversity, it just means we have been completely Empowered to overcome that adversity.  You look at any one in any area of life that is consistently successful and in that person you will find out that they have faced adversity.  The difference is they did not let that adversity cause them to back off of what they wanted in their health and or life.  So do we have to be!! 

Remember God has designed you already as a Winner and actually MORE THAN A CONQUEROR thru JESUS CHRIST.  You believe it, take hold of it as The Truth for you, and walk out everyday in complete Faith that you are succeeding and winning the battle in your health and your life.  And remember to never ever give up!!


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