Sunlight. Just another health tool given by God!

dbkiteMe and the boys got out and flew their new kites that LeAnne bought them.  If you will look close enough right over the red brick house in the background you can see David Ben’s blue “angry birds” kite flying.  He loves to fly a kite.  Both of the boys had fun yesterday with the kites and the wind and the sunshine. 

Speaking of SUNSHINE, and contrary to some “experts’” advice, the SUNSHINE is great for you.  To get Sunlight is powerful for your physical and mental being.  One thing that is known is that exposure to sunlight promotes vitamin d production in the body.  Now I am no expert on this subject, but I know that it is very important to get sunlight.  So when it is sunshiny, get out in it.  And get some good body exposure when it is warm enough.  I believe it is completely safe to get exposure to the sun without sunblock.  Now there are differing opinions about the length of time to go without sunblock. Some say 15 minutes, some say 20 minute, some say never go without sunblock.  My advice for you is to do your own research to see what you believe is safe.  Also find out what is the best sunblock to use for overall health reasons for the times you do use it.  Either way make a way for you and your family to get sunlight exposure.  It is just another one of those awesome natural tools God created for us for better health!!  Man He is awesome!!


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