From 30 to 40, now from 40 – 50!!

jd4020The good ole John Deere 4020!  Now thats a machine!  I went down to Garfield this weekend and even though I know you have seen her before, I figured you just might want to see another picture.  I got ole John out along with the little Ford and ran them for a few hours.  I also did some work with the 4020, hauling off some trees.  I like to make sure the tractors keep moving and doing some lite work with them.  It is of course fun for me and good for the tractors.  Those tractors, especially the 4020, put in some long hard hours over the years and they were adn still are GOOD ONES!!

“Taking it easy” with the 4020 this weekend reminded me off something I have been thinking about recently.  I will be turning 40 this year.  Looking back, from 30 to 40 years old I have seen a lot of changes in my life.  And most of course are very very good.  When I look at my “physical” capabilities I can definitely see differences that I dont really like from 30 to 40.  There are several things that I was doing at 30 that I cant do now.  When I say I cant do now I mean at this moment.  Some of those things I honestly dont care to do anymore, and much of that just has to do with it is not important enough to me to pay the price that would be required for me to be able to do it again.  And that is just fine with me.  But….. there are some things physically speaking that I am gearing myself up to get back to the point where I can do them again.  So my new goal for the next 10 years, from 40 – 50, is that I will be able to do anything at 50 years old that I can do now, and plus some. 

Remember in life, speaking mainly physically, there are some things that it is fine to let go of as you get older.  But.., and this is a big but, be careful what you do tolerate or allow as far as diminishing capabilities in your physical fitness.  Dont just accept that “you are getting older” and therefore you automatically have to accept DECLINE!!  Absolutely not.  Encourage yourself, and challenge yourself to improve your physical fitness even as you get older.  Be careful what you tolerate, and realize that just because you get older does not mean you have to accept a lower level of physical fitness.


Godbless u kj 


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