Prayer first, then Nutrition for healing, health

dbtraintrackHere is my little man playing with the track we built today.  He woke up this morning sick so he stayed out of school today.  He of course got better quickly and me and him both were playing “hooky” (not sure if that is how you spell that but you know what i mean) today. 

He made a drastic change from this morning to the time of this picture.  He actually woke up had a fever and threw up, twice.  I believe in The Word, and the Power of IT!!  So I did as IT says and prayed over my little man, took Authority over that sickness, and called him Healed, all in the Powerful and Wonderful Name of JESUS!!  He didnt recover instantly, but that did not stop me from speaking over him what I wanted and expected to see.  He still had what seemed to be a temperature and threw up again.  I didnt stop though.  I kept praying over him and speaking God’s Word of Healing.  After about an hour he all of sudden perked up.  And from that point forward he didnt go up and down, he just stayed up. 

Nutritionally speaking I knew he needed fluids.  I did buy some gatorade because I knew that he would likely drink that but i knew that wasnt his best option.  I got him to drink one of daddy’s “special” drinks.  It is just a “vitamin” drink by NOW Foods.  It contains several good vitamins in the right forms and electrolytes.  I added that to some good Callaway spring water we use and he drank it.  I know that helped too. 

When it comes to our health, as far as being proactive and those times we have to be on the defense, after a sickness comes, we have to use wisdom.  The wisest thing of course, and always should be #1, is to take the authority that Christ redeemed us for, pray God’s Word, then speak what He says.  I believe that thru Christ we were already healed, and yes this includes absolutely our physical health (Isaiah, Peter).  So I just agree with The Word when I pray over myself and family, that “By His Stripes I AM Healed.”  Then I tell my body, or theirs, to line up with the Word and to recover fully and quickly.  You may agree or not with this but for me and my family this is His Word so we will stick to it. 

One of the hardest things about health, or lack there of, is there are so many “feelings” involved.  I know that sometimes it can be hard to call yourself Healed and truly believe it in your heart while you are hurting.  But that is what HE says to do.  God is only please by FAITH, and it takes Faith to walk out His Best in our lives.  If you are waiting until you “see it to believe it” then you are not walking in any type of faith.  Faith is only believing what you cant see.  With the heart we believe and the mouth we confess for complete mental emotional and physical health. 
This is hard sometimes I know, but thank God that we dont have to base our lives off of feelings and what things may “look like” sometimes.  You can apply this Truth and Principle of God in any area of life.  It works and works everytime, if you are willing to stick it out, believe it and literally speak it no matter what.  And anytime you DARE to step out and operate on this Principle you can be gauranteed that you will be tested by opposing forces to try to get you to back off, but if you will Dare to believe it and speak it no matter what you cant be stopped. 

Now realize this is not “name it and claim it”, ‘blab it and grab it”.  This is using God’s Word, His Principles and using it to walk out His Best that He has already set you up for.  He is a good Daddy and wants His Children, YOU, to walk in His Blessing of health, wealth, wisdom, protection in your life.  He truly does.  And of course it aint easy, but who cares?!!!  It is yours, Recieve it (take it)!!


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