Just LAUGH. Just make Merry. Promote Health!

beachdbflynI think I shared this with you back in the summer but just thought it was so cool that you would appreciate it all over again.  This is from the beach last summer late one evening.  We were just out having fun, and as you can tell David Ben was seriously enjoying his “flying” time as I threw him repeatedly up and onto a high pile of sand.  “Daddy do it again!!”  Thats all I heard along with hysterical laughing!!  Good times.  Good stuff!

Speaking of LAUGHING, remember that Laughing is a great way to Improve your Health.  You may or may not believe it but it is true and that is just the way God created it.  As the Bible says “a merry heart does good like a medicing”, when you have pure JOY in your heart, it causes the body to literally bring healing and immune building in your physical, and mental emotional, health.  One of the best ways to let your heart be MERRY is to laugh.  Even if you dont “feel” like it, make yourself just start laughing.  If you do this with the intent to release stress and fear, and you keep laughing, it will “catch hold” and joy will well up inside you in your heart.  Remember the JOY is already inside you, sometimes it just takes a little more effort on our part to bring it out!!  So just laugh today.  Find a way, make a way to laugh.  And it is great to find something as a family to do together that creates laughter.  The Johnsons’, we love to watch AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS.  The boys just crack up, so we do that pretty often.  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!, AND LAUGH DOG’ON IT!


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