Finished CJ Project. Keep Going no matter what!!

jeepbrownHERE SHE IS!!  This is the “After” photo you have been waiting to see of my CJ project.  Like I said it was a long drawn out process, but it was all worth it.  Man she looks good, I think anyway!  I do have a few other minor things to do, but for the most part it is all done.  Now I can start driving it and enjoying it!!  Yeh Baby!

You know as i shared with you before it was a long journey to get to the finished project, my GOAL.  And of course now that I can physically see and experience the “fruits” of my labor, it makes it all worth it.  One thing to realize though is that I delayed the project myself to some extent.  Some of the delay just had to do with me “losing interest” therefore losing focus and that led to lack of constant effort to finish.  And this is what happens in our health and life goals.  We experience delay, adversity, frustrations, and set backs.  All this can easily lead to “slacking off” or putting off of our efforts to reach the desired goal.  ONE important factor always is to Keep Going and NEVER EVER GIVING UP always expecting to see and experience the Goal reached.  Along the way if you do “slack off”, just make sure you dont totally give up.  make sure you keep Expecting to reach your goal, even if it winds up taking much longer than first expected.  And while you are EXPECTING, keep doing something that takes you closer to your goal.  Remember it is usually a lot of little things done consistently that renders Big results!


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