Easter. The Man. The Plan. Still just as Real today!

eastereggcoloringHere is LeAnne and the boys coloring some Easter Eggs this weekend.  Man we had a great Easter Weekend.  We had an Easter program at church with dancing, signing, kids with bells, and skits!  It was awesome.  There was one movie skit that we played that LeAnne found online.  I think they are called the “skit guys” or something like that.  They supposedly do all kinds of Biblical skits.  Anyway this one was of John and Peter running to the tomb after they heard Jesus was gone from it.  They found his burial clothes, and all of a sudden John busted out with this JOYful laughter, then Peter did too.  Man I got so excited.  It was like that same realization that they got at that moment of what had happened, I got it too.  It was the spirit of God and that power and awesomeness of His actual RISING from the dead and conquering everything for you and me being just as powerful and real as it was that very day over 2000 years ago.  Man I thought I was going to explode on the inside it was soooo good!  Anyway, He did RISE and He is ALIVE and living on the inside of us!!!  His power is just as real as when He walked the earth, only it comes out thru us!!  He is soooo GOOD and HE only wants the Best for you and me.  Wow!  Yeh Baby!  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!!


Godbless u kj

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