2 things to NOT DO for better Health

boysrollercoasterWe took the boys to the Fair yesterday afternoon here is Carrollton.  They of course had a blast and here is there pic from riding the roller coaster.  Joshua Paul as you can tell had a blast on it.  David Ben on the other hand was not quite as fond of it.  Good times!

NUTRITION: When counting the impact of Exercise and Nutrition, Nutrition usually will have the biggest impact on improved health and fitness performance.  And Nutrition is usually harder to get a handle on for many people because it is “all day” task vs. exercise which is just 3+ times per week for a short span of time each workout.  So yes the “nutrition” component takes more dedication, but it does not have to be a burden! 

Most people approach Nutritional Changes in the wrong way right from the beginning.  Here are some things to avoid when you want to start making better Nutrition choices:

Law Mindset- Having guidelines to follow can be very important.  What most people do though is they basically say “this is what I have to do” and “this is what I can not do.”  And with this mindset, they have literally “Put themselves under Law.”  This will work fine for a period of time.  For most, it will only work good for a short period of time.  There are others that have strong wills and will stick it out for longer, but in most cases that “law mindset” will bring bondage and people will eventually run from it! 

Remember to give yourself some guidelines of the things that will benefit you in reaching your goals and too realize the things that will not benefit you.  Be careful about giving yourself hardline “laws” that you tell yourself you “have to” follow or you will fail.  It is that law that will give the “sin” its strength.   Know just like Paul said in THe Word: You can do anything you want to.  You are not under law, but you realize that there are some things that just will not benefit you in helping you to reach your health goals.  And you know that since you are not under law, you have the power, therefor you refuse to allow anything (food) put you under its power!

Condemnation- Oh man this is a biggee right here.  This ties into the “law” thing.  Realize that in any efforts you take towards improving your health, it is possible that you might “mess up.”  You may eat something you planned not too, and or too much.  Now my suggestion is that you should never just “expect” to mess up.  That is bad news and you pretty much assure yourself you will if you go at it that way.  You plan and expect to follow your Nutritional guidelines and or program, doing the things you know that will benefit you and refusing to allow any foods have power over you.  ANd along the way if you do “slip”, that quickly forget about it.  Set your mind that it was and will continue to be at most only a rare occurence, but it does not DEFINE YOU, and your new Nutritional Habits.  Forget about that one little mistake, whether it was for one meal or a whole weekend.  You didnt “blow it”!  Just forget it and remember all the good things you have been doing adn the good things you will continue to do.  STAY OUT OF CONDEMNATION.  It literally steals, kills and destroys your future!!  But He came to give you life and life more abundantly.  Guess What? Great Health is part of that “life” He gave for you.


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