Focus on Others, Improve YOUR LIFE!

bravesgame2013We were blessed to be able to go to the Braves game yesterday.  We got there early, played around, had dinner and watched the warmups.  It started raining but we still got to hang out inside the stadium and let the boys play.  Man that stadium and whole set up is something special.  It was a blessing and the Johnsons’ had a blast. 

All week the boys have been out on Spring Break and we have done something with them special each day.  Not sure what we got planned for tonight, but tomorrow is Bowling!!  Gonna be fun fun fun! 

You know one of the main things or problems I get caught up in is being in too big a hurry and not enjoying the moment.  Sometimes it seems just like I am just going thru the motions trying to hurry up and get the day or week by.  Then I sit back and think what in the world is that worth?!  So yes I am working on getting better about Enjoying Life more.  I sure aint got it down yet, but I am getting better.  And this is one thing that we all should focus on: ENJOYING LIFE, ENJOYING THE JOURNEY.  This aint heaven, but we sure can live here on this earth and make it more like heaven if we choose to.  And that is what I strive to do.  Man what a better life you can help create for others too when you do this.  One of the absolute best ways to accomplish this is to simply FOCUS ON HELPING OTHERS!!  Man when you do that it just seems like it makes life so much better.  ANd isnt that just amazingly strange how if you want to make your life better, you stop focusing on YOU and put your focus on OTHERS!! 


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