FIESTA Everyday!! What you can learn at a Mexican Restaurant

boysfishingCheck out the boys “fishing” earlier this week.  We got them out in the boat and they both caught a fish each.  As you can imagine they didnt do a whole lot of fishing as the fish were not just jumping in the boat with us.  But we did catch a good “mess of fish” and they each caught their own.  So it was a great fishing trip and fun to be had by all!!

We also took the boys bowling and to play put-put today.  We did something each day with them this week for spring break and I believe they have had a very good one. 

We were eating at a Mexican restaurant in Newnan for lunch today after the boys fun outing.  Joshua Paul was reading the words on a cup they had and it said something to the extent of “everyday is a fiesta.”  So he asked what “fiesta” meant and we said “party.”  So his response was “their saying to have a party everyday.”  And it hit me all of a sudden: “Wow, what a saying”!  So I told him, “yes, we have to choose to MAKE everyday a party.”  And I thought to myself, “you better remind yourself of that daily!”  And oh man how true that is.  Everyday can be a FIESTA for us if we choose to make it a FIESTA!!  Of course we all know that bad things and adverse things happen in our lives and that is just the way it is.  But that gives us no reason to stop expecting to have a GREAT DAY, and actually a FIESTA DAY Everyday!!  Along the way we will run up on and experience some bumps and bruises, but who cares.  You and me, we can not, we wil not live our lives waiting for something “bad” to happen, and making sure we don’t “get our hopes up.”  No, absolutely not.  GET YOUR HOPES UP.  Better Yet, GET YOUR TRUE EXPECTATORS UP!!  EXPECT God’s Best for you in your health and life.  Dare to Expect that the Promised / Covenant BLESSING He made for you is ALL yours, and it is ALL yours because of the Price that JESUS paid.  It is not up to your good works, it is totally up to what HE did already.  And THAT has already been Done, Paid For, FINISHED, ESTABLISHED, and Given to you freely.  Take it, He wants you to!!  GET IT DOG’ON IT!!


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