Seed Planting Time. Just like the Farmer, us too!!

daddyndbtubeAll this beautiful and warm weather is getting me excited about summer time fun at the beach and on the lake!  Here is a pic of me And David Ben getting ready to ride the Tube from last year.  Sun and Fun in the water.  I love it and am ready for it.

This is the time of year that Farmers are getting everything ready to start planting their seed for the crops they want.  The land needs to have moisture, it has to be prepped, the seed and fertilizer has to be bought, the equipment has to be ready, and then it just has to GET DONE!  There is a lot involved in this whole process, and the “Conditions” also need to be favorable.  But one thing I learned from Papa is that you cant keep “waiting on the perfect conditions.”  I remember when we were farming, Papa would fuss if my dad was waiting on the best conditions to plant the seed for our crops.  Papa’s philosophy was simply you have to plant the seed when the time is right, not when all the conditions are perfect.  Now sometimes Papa may have benefited from having a little more patience and stepping back for a moment to better observe and plan.  My experience though was that he always got done what he set out to get done.  He didnt let “circumstances” dictate what he did.  He just made things happen.  ANd it worked out very well for him over his life.  Now again, he of course was not perfect and maybe could have done some things better, but he had a strong mindset and character that brought about much “Harvest” in his life. 

Here is my point for me and you: We cant sit around and wait for the perfect conditions to plant good seed in our lives.  Those perfect conditions are likely to never come.  You just have to get out “in the field and plant that seed now”.  Stop waiting.  And remember just like a farmer, once the seed is in the ground the job isnt over.  You have to protect that seed and nurture it until it grows into the full crop.  These are the main keys for nurturing that crop: FAITH, Faith filled Words, Faith filled Thoughts, Faith filled actions, FAITH, FAITH, Words, Words.  Well you get my drift.  It is all based and founded on Faith.  You keep watering and tending that seed and crop with Faith Filled Words and Thoughts, the whole time totally EXPECTING to see the desired Crop.  GET ON IT DOG ON IT!


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