Start with it. Stay with it. End with it. FAITH!

lexusncjCheck out my 2 awesome rides!  Here is the thing: I love CJs and I have been wanting a “LexusCruiser” for several years now.  And as you can see I am so blessed to now have these 2 rides that were “desires of my heart.”

One thing I have found out in life is that God does bless His children and in most cases He wants to bless us way more than we can imagine.  ONe of the biggest hindrances is our lack of Faith.  Here are the 2 main areas where the lack of Faith comes into play: #1 We dont believe in the first place that He wants us to be blessed; #2 We dont activate our Faith consistently in order to continue to walk in that Faith until we see the DESIRED RESULTS.  And remember this can be true in any area of your health and life. 

Lets talk a little more about #2 situation here.  In coaching people to take control of their health and life for going on 17 years now, I have found that many times when people are not doing the “correct things” that they already know they should be doing in order to reach their health and life goals, it is because they have a “Faith” problem.  And look when I say “they”, I include myself in that.  So let me change that to “we” have a faith problem.  When “we” are not doing our part when it comes to walking in God’s Blessing that is ours, many times it is just fact that we dont “really” believe and trust that our efforts will help to bring about the desired results.  Now realize here that HE is the main reason, and actually the only reason for the Blessing of health and life prosperity, and at the same time we have a part to play.  Our part is first to BELIEVE it then Take it as ours.  Then all we have to do are the “natural things”.  Here is what I mean by the “natural things”: If you believe and trust God for financial blessing then you still have your natural part of spending your money wisely, saving, investing, etc.  God wants us to be financially prosperous (*whatever your definition of “prosperous” is) but if we dont use His wisdom in taking care of money, then we will never walk in His best financially.  So is it the same with HEALTH.  God, thru Jesus Christ has already blessed us with supernatural health and the Blessing of divine healing and health.  If we dont choose to apply the natural things He has given us to take care of the body such as eating the right foods and the right amounts of foods, rest, sleep, “stress – freedom”, and movement then the body will not operate at the highest levels.  ANd this is where you can literally “hinder” God’s Blessing of health for you.  Also, here is where it can get kind of “sticky” you might say.  There are many different “ideas” of what is the correct amount of the “natural” things to do.  Some people are going to put a lot of emphasis on eating very healthy, and exercising a lot, and that can be great as long as those 2 things do not become IDOLS and start controlling the individual.  Without getting too long into this, lets just say the important thing here is to be led by God.  Do what you believe is the right thing, and if you learn more or different things, then apply them too.  Just realize that you have a part is what I am trying to say, in every area of your life. 

All this was kind of stirred up in me because of the picture of those 2 vehicles.  They both were things I wanted in my life.  And my God blessed me with them.  He knew they were desires of my heart.  They in no way consumed me and they will not consume me in any way.  Now see God did not just make these 2 desires of my heart “magically appear” into my life.  One of them, the cj, was actually GIFTED to me by 3 of my good buddies, and of course we realize that was GOD working thru them.  Then I had to put my Faith on getting it to where I wanted it.  And I had to stay in Faith on it and keep on with it until I got the desired result.  So it was all God, and at the same time if i had not done my part it would have never been what it is to me now.  The same with the LexusCruzer.  I had to actively “look” for it and the whole time i “knew” I was going to find it.  It took some patience of course but it definitely paid off.  And as it is with the CJ, the Lexus too is actually way better than what I was looking for.  And that my friend is all God!!! Know that your God, your Father, wants you to walk in His Blessings of health, and overall Life prosperity.  Yes you will face adversity, but who cares?!  That is just the way it is.  BUT!!! because of our Saviour Christ, we OVERCOME, and everytime!!  And yes it is already yours, and yes you do have a part in it all.  Basically you start with Faith, Stay in Faith, and End it all up with Faith, to get the desired RESULTS!!


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