Buildn Treehouse like your health. Set them posts baby!

boysontrailorHere is a pic of the boys “helping” me on saturday.  We were building their treehouse.  It was a good day of building and we got the main part done which was getting a good “square” foundation in the ground with the posts.  They couldnt understand why we couldnt “build” the treehouse already.  Just setting the posts and getting it all ‘square” didnt seem like any progress to them. 

During that day I had to explain to them several times why “building a good solid foundation” to build on top of was so important for their treehouse that is going to up off the ground several feet  Even though we were doing the most important thing first, and taking our time to make sure it was done correctly, to them it didnt seem like anything was happening because all the could see was the posts in the ground.  This is like many others aspects of health and life.  In the beginning when you are laying a strong and correct foundation it may not seem like much is happening.

Building that STRONG & CORRECT FOUNDATION is so vital for Consistent and Longterm results.  In health improvement programs, it is easy to literally “just start doing a bunch of actions.”  But if along the way there is no change on the “inside” in your heart and soul, then those actions usually are not enough to promote and sustain long term results.  Now the difference here with health programs and building a treehouse is that you dont have to actually “get your foundation completely firm and correct” first.  You actually can start off just making some of the External Changes with food and exercise, but at some point you need to be building that foundation and making those changes in your heart, mind, will, and emotions so that you have control in your health from the inside.  Remember just like a treehouse, it can look very good sitting up there off the ground with all the fancy stuff done too it.  But if the foundation is not done correctly then that whole “seemingly beautiful” thing can come tumbling down.  And so it is with any health program. 

Your Foundation for improving your health is:

Knowing who you are in Christ and that you have the power and authority to overcome any health issues and to literally Take control of your health and life.

Knowing that He Loves you and It is His Will for you to Take Control of your health.

Take Control of your mind will and emotions by knowing HIS WORD, Speaking and Thinking His Word concerning your health. 

Not letting your Emotions control you.

Now there is your foundation that you start off with.  ANd even if you dont start off with it you can work on it and build it along the way!  It does come down to SPIRIT, SOULD, then Body!! 


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