That Magic Plan?!

beachboys3Another pic from last year’s summer beach trip.  The boys were all into the little hermit crabs we were catching.  We caught a lot of them and of course they wanted to keep everyone of them.  They had a blast.

Remember this when seeking to make health improvements: It is not the “greatness” or “magic” of the plan that renders the results.  It is your Faith that you will accomplish your goals, no matter what the plan is.

Now that is truth right there.  Many people put their Faith in a plan, and when the results dont just “magically” appear and or it gets hard, they give up, and of course many times then blame the lack of results on the plan.  No plan anywhere is “the plan”.  Any plan that works works for one main reason: The person worked the plan and decided to “NOT GIVE UP” and keep going CONSISTENTLY until the Results were obtained.  ANd that my friend is one of the keys to health improvement.  Yes having a “good” or great plan is important, but again, it is not “the plan” that gets it done.  It is you.  And remember you have already been EMPOWERED by Christ to succeed, so GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!!  And while you are on it, KEEP EXPECTING!!


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