This whole “Nutrition” thing aint that hard yall!

lunch4Another one of my favorite “lunch options” here.  Fresh turkey roll w/ little mayo, mustard, slice cheese, and fresh out of the garden tomatoes.  Now this pic is from last summer when i had some “fresh” out of the garden tomatoes.  Again this is just another fine example of how easy it is to have a truly healthy lunch.  This whole “nutrition” thing aint hard yall!  I didnt say it is the easiest thing in the world to improve your nutrition, but also it really isnt that hard either.  It is especially not near as hard as some make it.  Remember, many times it being “hard” is all mental.  If you go into any nutritional changes with the mindset that it is going to be hard, then that is most likely what it will be for you!

This fact of “your perception is your reality” is pretty much true in all areas of life.  The truth may be different from your “perception” but you are very unlikely to experience that truth in your life if your perception doesnt change.  So remember that when it comes to making Nutritional changes in your life, dont build it up to be some huge overwhelming task.  And dont say things like “well I just have to eat the things i dont like, and I cant eat the things i do like”, or “if it tastes good spit it out”.  I know things like that are funny to say and we are “sorta” joking, but if you are saying those types of things it is very likely that deep down that is what you actually believe.  And if that is your belief, or “perception”, towards Nutrition, then that is what your reality will be like.  With that type of perception you are very unlikely to stick to any good Nutrition plan longterm.  

If you want to be successful then literally “train” yourself to speak and think along these lines: “making positive nutrition changes in my life really isnt going to be that hard”; “you know what, I get to make better changes and take control of the foods I eat”; “I really can make better choices with my food and at the same time have foods that taste good as well as are nutritious”; “I refuse to get into condemnation with food.  I choose to control food and not let food control me.  I will make positive changes in my nutrition.”

Now just take hold, know the truth that making better Nutritional choices is not going to be that difficult, continue to speak and think that, then start making the simple steps now!


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