Important Building Materials for “building health and life”

screwsThese are the screws i have been using to anchor down some important parts of the Treehouse, plus today I was using them to anchor our timber walls.  We were running out of them and instead of skimping, I decided to stick with them so that there would be no question as to the “solidness” of our walls!  

If you notice these screws have several important characteristics: 1. they are long enough to “run deep”; 2. They provide for a very good “grip”; 3. they are “coated” with something special so they dont deteriate over time.  Now this is so much health and life right here.  When you are building something in your life you must make sure your “materials” you use are “life and adversity proof”.  We all know that ‘life happens” and “adversity comes”, so we must have a solid foundation to build on.  Our foundation must be able to “run deep”, “have a good grip”, be “coated” or “treated” in such a way that it wont “FAIL” when times get tough.  Now there is only one thing in the world I know of that can pass that test and meet all those requirements: God our Father. 

God, your loving Dad, cares for you, Loves you, and wants His Best for you.  If you are going to succeed consistently and longterm in your health and life then I believe that He must be the foundational support.  His Love, His Grace, and His Principles have to be your “building materials” that you use to build up any program and or efforts towards improving your health and life.  If it is not built on those key materials, then it is very subject to Fail.  So remember that in anything you set out to improve in your health and life: To Put HIM first in it and Make His “health and life” principles your building materials.  Yeh Baby!


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