treehouse2Here is an updated pic of the Treehouse.  All but 2 rafters up, so we will be ready to put the rest of the roof on asap.  Man the boys are going to love this thing.  What a blessing it is to be able to build them something like this.  BLESSED!

All this talk recently about ‘building the Treehouse” and how it relates to health and life and some of the “building blocks” leads me into the subject of FAT in foods!!  Even though it is a 3 letter word, many people over the years have treated it like a four letter word.  And that is not a good thing.  One reason of course for FAT being treated as a “bad” thing, and probably the biggest reason, is because fromparticularly the 70’s and into the 90’s we were told by the “experts” that if you want to get rid of bodyFat and be healthier, then 1 very important thing was to get rid of FAT in your diet.  Makes pretty good since, “Fat makes you FAT”.  Right?  Well, NO!!  That info as it turns out was very wrong, for the most part, and is what I believe to be one of the big reasons why as a society we are Fatter and less healthy than ever today. 

The Low Fat error with its diet recommendations led people to do 2 main things that has overtime led to many bad Nutrition mistakes:

1. Encouraged people to push fat out of their diets. With this many just adopted the mindset that all fat is bad.  Kind of like the old saying “they threw the baby out with the bath water.”;

2. Encouraged people to eat higher “carb” diets filled with processed grains and other highly glycemic foods (those that usually cause bad fluctuations in blood sugar and highly promote inflammation.)

These 2 situations in and of themselves have brought about a whole lot of poor health.  Now i am not blaming anyone.  In most cases I believe that those “experts” of course believed what they were teaching, and they gave really good “diet” recommendations to some extent.  Some where along the way though, many just adopted that “all fat is bad, and fat makes you fat” mentality.  One important fact to note here is that the truth that “fat is good for you” and it is usually not the “fat that makes you fat” has been known and distributed for many years now, but as with other things that “old mindest” is hard to break.  

What I want you to take from this is that Fat is Good!!  And yes I know you have heard me talk about this many many times before, but it definitely bears repeating.  If you want to be healthier, lose bodyFat, increase your performance then 1 thing that usually is needed is to literally add more FAT to your diet.  Without getting into a long discussion here, lets just quickly review some of the “good fats” for you.  And no, just because it is a “saturated” fat does not necessarily mean it is Bad for you!!  More on that later.  Check these foods out that have GOOD FATS:

  FISH, RED MEAT, EGGS, AVOCADOES, “WHOLE” DAIRY (milk, yogurt, keifer), nuts and seeds, nut butters.

And there are others but these are some of the main ones that most have eaten before anyway.  Of course you can “overdo” it with any of these foods.  Realize though that even PURE WATER can be toxic to your body if you drink too much.  One of the simplest ways I believe to look at foods and how to consume them is this: Do you believe that God Almighty made that particular food for human consumption.  If you believe HE did, then when it is eaten in its most true and natural state, i.e. “whole” dairy, whole eggs, that is when it has the most beneficial impact in the body.  When the food is “altered” in any way, it is us saying we know and or can do better than HIM.  So for example if you do believe that God made dairy for human consumption, then He didnt “mess up” and put too much Fat in it.  And that Fat is not “useless” as most of us were taught years ago.  And for us to think we can do better by taking away the Fat, is no good.  Now on the other hand if you dont believe for example that dairy is made by God for human consumption then just dont eat dairy, and go on from there.  I expect that this makes since, and I expect that all this today inspires you to seriously look into adding more FAT into your diet.  It be good stuff man!!


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