Make it a Great Week this Week – Instruction Manual inside!

fordbirchplantersHere is the Ford 3000 with the old Birch planters that me and David Ben used to lay out some rows for Mama’s garden.  We had a big time down in Garfield: Johnson Family Reunion; working on the farm; Planting a Garden.  All the kids got involved with the garden so that was awesome to be a part of.  And I could tell Mama was very happy to see the garden get planted. 

Here are a few Important Keys for you.  These keys will help you to have a GREAT WEEK this week!  And remember, if you wait to see if it “turns out” to be a great week, then you it is very likely it will not turn out that way.  You have to MAKE IT A GREAT WEEK BABY!

Choose to Enjoy LIFE this week– slow down a little and “smell the roses” so to speak.  Take a little extra time to soak up those important times with important people in your life..

Choose to See yourself as Blessed– All of us have plenty of “adverse” things in our lives that we could focus on.  choose to focus on the Blessings you are living right in the middle of right now. 

Stay out of CONDEMNATION – So what if you have “messed up” yesterday or today or another day.  Literally just get over it.  Put it in the past, cause HE does.  Expect to do better.

Forgive– If you have any “ought” against anyone FORGIVE them.  Dont hold unforgiveness in, it can literally eat you alive!

EXPECT- Expect to be Blessed, Expect to have agreat day and week.  Expect to see His Goodness in your day, today, then tomorrow, then the next. 

Make 1 Positive Nutrition choice today– Dont worry about changing 100 things, just do 1 positive thing with your eating today.  Then do the same thing or something different tomorrow.  It does all add up you know!

Make 1 Positive Exercise choice today– just get up and stretch and or walk for 3-5 minutes today.  Take a walk with your family.  Play with your kids in the yard.  Come to a God-Built workout.  Remember it does not have to be complex, just do something very simple and short. 



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