The Incredible Edible Egg! Get the REAL thang baby!

dinneromeletHere is a pic of a very easy and nutritious meal: whole eggs, sliced tomatoes.  This in an omelet I made a while back and I wanted you to be reminded of another “easy” and simple way to make better health choices.

I thought about this because this weekend my brother and I helped out a neighbor with some tractor work in his yard.  They of course were very appreciative and gave me 2 dozen “yard eggs” from their chickens.  I of course was very excited to get them, and have been eating them already.  When it comes to eggs, it is just like red meat from cow: you most likely either know someone who raises cows and or chickens, or you know someone who knows someone who does.  This makes it real easy to get the “real” and “fresh” stuff from the local growers.  As far as eggs in most cases when you buy the “free range” or “all natural” from the grocery store it literally is not much better if any than just the regular eggs.  Even though they are 2-4 times higher, they most likely are grown and treated almost the same.  So your best bet as far as your health and your wallet is to buy from local farmers.  And again, it really is pretty easy to find a local source and then become a repeat customer. 

My favorite “egg” use for food is:

Regular Fried over easy or over medium.  I use all natural butter to cook in.  And yes this is much better for you than most other “cooking oils/sprays”.  I use about 1 teaspoon.

OMelet w/ fresh chopped vegetables to your liking.

Whole raw in my Protein shake– My usual protein shake is: 25-30 grms whey protein, 1 raw egg, 1 serv frozen strawberries.


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