KJ never has a bad day. Say What?!

treehouseloftCheck this pic out of the boys LOFT in the treehouse.  I just finished this part this morning and built them a ladder.  Cool stuff.  The boys are going to have loads of fun in this treehouse over the years!!

Someone who reads our godbuilt posts said to me the other day: “Man you must never have a bad day.”  I took that as a compliment of course.  The reality is that I face just as much adversity as the next person.  Well actually the reality is also that I face a lot less adversity than some, and I face a lot more adversity than others.  Well all face it.  And remember what I say to that “SO WHAT?!!”  I have plenty of opportunities to have a “bad day”.  And of course some days are not quite as good as others.  I sure dont have it perfect but the main thing I pursue to do as far as this goes is to literally do my best TO MAKE TODAY A GREAT DAY!  And again, I have failed at that many times.  Some of those days that just didnt turn out to be a great day were all my fault in how I SAW the adversity and handled it. 

We all are going to face it, it just comes down to how we handle it.  ANd the main thing in us “handling” it has to do with how we SEE it.  Many times the adversity we face is flat out because of decisions we have made.  Other times it is just the fact that we have an enemy that opposes us trying to do good for ourselves, for others, for the Kingdom.  And the main thing in all that as far as us being able to SEE it correctly and handle it correctly is to literally KNOW HIM Who already Overcame for us.  And to know that thru HIM we have already Overcome and we can go thru every day literally making the absolute Best of it.  We still may face very adverse days and very sad days, but in all that we know we Win because of HIM.  the sooner you stop focusing on adversity and the “hard times” you are having and instead focus on Who is oh so Big inside you, the sooner you start having better days, more often. 


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