Dealing with strongholds / bad habits? Here is your Answer!!

tybeefamilyMy BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL and Amazing Wife and I went to the beach last week to celebrate or 15 Year Anniversary.  We had a great time of course just relaxing and basically doing about nothing.  It was great as it always is to have a few days alone just to sit back and relax!  The above pic is of us at Tybee Island last year.  We were so relaxed this trip we didnt even take any pics. 

You know, we all deal with “stuff” in our lives.  ANd when I say “stuff” I am referring to those “unwanted” things like bad habits / strong holds that we wish would just dissappear from our lives.   THese are things such as: poor eating habits; lack of commitment to exercise; smoking; poor financial spending habits; lack of willingness to Give as a husband or wife; jealousy; anger; etc.  All of us have some kind of issue that we deal with that we would rather it just magically dissappear.  Well guess what?  Most likely it is not going to just magically dissappear.  It is something that me and you just have to “man up” or “woman up” in our lives and handle it.  Now one thing I have found and continue to find out is that in my own strength I can do a lot, but there are somethings that I just literally cant handle on my own.  And honestly anything I do that is good and worthy is only because of Him whether I realize it or not.  ANd also no matter what, even if I can make great progress “on my own” why in the world would I when I have found out time and time again that it always goes so much better when I do it HIS Way! 

There may be more to overcoming strongholds in our lives than the 2 simple things I am going to give you here, but truly these 2 handle most of it if not all:

#1- Know Who you are IN CHRIST and that you R who you Are IN HIM only because of the Father’s Great Love for you.  This truly is the most important thing for overcoming strongholds.  This is the foundation for giving you the confidence that you already have the Strength IN you and that the battle is literally already Won.  You just have to learn and train yourself to SEE it that way. 

#2- Change the way you Think- Do you know that in the New Testament when it says “to repent” it literally means to “change the way you think“?!  So when you do those things you know you should not be doing, then REPENT!!  But remember that to Repent does not mean to woller around in Condemnation and begging God to forgive you.  He has already Forgiven you and He has already Forgotten it.  So you literally Forgive yourself, Forget about it and go on.  And you go on first and foremost by “CHANGING THE WAY YOU THINK” concerning the situation.  Thank God that He has already made you a New Creation In Christ and that you do have the power to not do the wrong things and to do the Right things.  See yourself this way, think yourself this way, and Say yourself this way.  And keep Seeing it, and keep thinking it, and keep Saying it until it becomes your reality in your life.  It is already REAL but if you dont SEE it as real then you wont live it out!  

AND REMEMBER TO NEVER EVER GIVE UP.  Keep going and keep expecting everyday to walk in HIS BEST no matter what you face and no matter how long it takes. 


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