Your body + a little floor space = Great Results

gbsctwoutHere is one of our GB workout groups hitting it hard in the morning.  As you can tell everyone is “moving” and several different exercises are being done.  One of the great things about our Workout program here at GB is that literally anyone at any level of fitness can do it.  No joke!  Here is the perfect example: Eveyone can do pushups.  Some people can do regular pushups, some can do advanced plyometric pushups and some have to modify the movement.  Either way we can modify the movement to fit anyone’s needs.  And if we say “everyone do pushups for 1 minute”, then all can do that.  Again some will do regular, some advanced, some lightly modified, and others very modified.  Either way though, everyone can do it.  And of course during that 1 minute you will end up with many different levels of actual “work output” or performance.   It doesn’t matter who has the most “work output”, what matters the most is that YOU are moving and doing your best “AT YOUR LEVEL.” 

The main thing for us here at God-Built is that you find a way to move daily.  And if that includes joining with us and “working out” 3+ times per week then great.  Also realize though that you dont have to come to GOD-BUILT or any other “gym” in order to have a great EXERCISE plan.  You can all the Right movements at home on your own literally with no equipment.  I like to say “all you need is your body and a little bit of floor space and you can have the best workouts in the world.”  And remember it DOES NOT TAKE MUCH TIME to have a great workout.  If you choose the CORRECT Exercises and do them properly at Moderate to High Intensity, then 5 minutes can definitely be very effective for you and your fitness.  So make it happen!  Dont wait until “all the conditions are right” and or until you find that “magic program”.  There most likely will never be the perfect time when everything just “lines up” and the “magic program” always includes the fine print “results not typical”. Just stop waiting and get moving.  And if you want us to help you we will be glad to do so.  Yeh baby!  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!


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