Healthier Mexican meal. Healthier meals anywhere

dinnermexicanHere is a pic of my “finished” dinner plate last night from a Mexican eating joint.  If you can notice, what is left is rice, enchilida shells, and sour cream.  I had the “yolandas” which is basically 3 chicken enchiladas with the fixins’.  I ate the meat inside, some of the shells, the guacomole, and salsa.  And yes that is water in that “coke” cup! 

What i want you to see in all this is that I minimized my Grains by eating only about 1/2 of the shells, and none of the rice (i usually dont eat much rice if any at restaurants because of the “processed and enriched” factor, but I do really like true whole grain rice as a choice at home.  My body responds well to that and much better than it does to wheat).  And with the sour cream I ate probably about 10% of it.  Thisis a good “basic rule” to follow for eating out especially.: MINIMIZE YOUR GRAIN INTAKE!  Most all Grains if not all at restaurants are going to be highly processed, therefore they are pretty much no good for you.  They promote INFLAMMATION therefore they promote Weight Gain, Disease, etc.  And remember that Grains from anywhere, even if they are so called “all natural”, organic, and “stone ground” can still be very Pro-INflammatory for most people.  It is what it is. 

No you dont have to stop eating grains altogether.  My suggestion is to first plan to cut your Grain quantities back.  Next when you do buy and eat grains, do your best to find the best quality from true all natural and “stone ground” sources.   This as we have discussed times before, is a very easy and effective way to improve your health and performance!


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