Lay down your Agenda, and get your Dreams fullfilled!!

boysnmasksCheck out our 2 Superheros!  Joshua Paul made his own mask and so David Ben of course wanted one too.  They are Ready!

I had the opportunity to speak yesterday at church.  I used scripture from 1 Samuel 14 as my reference.  This is where Jonathan decided he wanted to go take on some of the enemy soldiers by himself.  He told his “armor bearer” and his armor bearer basically said “do all that is in your heart I am with you fully”.  So with that Jonathan went over, with his armor bearer and they together defeated 20 soldiers and this 1 little incident caused a great stir and fear in the enemy camp.  It was a very big deal.

They main point I made was that we should all be an “armor bearer” to God #1 first, and also we should be willing to support and help others that are over us fully and completely.  the Word says that “whatever you Sow you will Reap.” Also IT says that “whatever you do for someone GOD will do for you.”  See when you lay down your own Agenda and put your Boss’ agenda first and serve them with all your heart then you are Sowing great seed for your own life.  And that seed will produce a harvest of God helping you to achieve your agenda, or dreams. 

I see many employees that “work” for their employers, but they never are “fully in”.  They do just what they need to do, but their heart is not truly for their boss or company.  Many times they are too busy complaining about how “they would do things” if they were in charge.  Instead of questioning, the employees should be committed to fully serving the boss and company and with all their heart helping them to fulfill their plans and goals.  And again, this is when you allow God to do the same for you as you plant that seed. 

So remember if you want to see the full benefits from your time spent as an employee, be “all in”, fully ready to back up your boss / company and help them to accomplish their goals.  And remember you will be rewarded for it.  If that company and or boss doesnt recognize your commitment and your heart, dont worry because God does and He is THE REWARDER. 


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