Actions follow Identity. Actions are By Products.

boyscampfireCheck out my 2 best little buddies around the fire pit yesterday.  We were burning the scrap wood from the Treehouse build.  Those boys love to have a fire!!  I sure love sharing their pics with yall and as they get older they may not want me sharing as much so I will take advantage of it now!!

Someone sent me a quote yesterday that went something like this “As people start to see themselves as athletes they will start to train like athletes.  As someones “identity” changes so do their actions.”  Wow!! Now that is very powerful and very very true.  Man this is rich rich rich.  This is why our main goal here at God-Built is to help you to understand truly WHO YOU ARE IN JESUS CHRIST.  Who you are IN HIM, is the True you.  Who you are IN HIM is your IDENTITY.  Now realize though, no matter who you Truly ARE, if you cant SEE it for yourself, you will not live that truth out.  Man this is so important to get a hold of and to focus on. 

One of the main problems that we have talked about many times concerning many people’s “health plans” is there is a lot of “external actions” but nothing has changed and or is changing on the INSIDE.  On the inside, in a person’s Heart and in their Mind is where people will truly Live from.  If a person does not believe in their heart and continually “think” in their head that they will succeed, then no matter how many “good” actions they do, sooner or later who they believe themselves to be is what will win out.  So the External actions are only temporary.  External actions are supposed to be BY PRODUCTS of you understanding just WHO YOUR ARE IN CHRIST, Your IDENTITY.  External actions in and of themselves dont have the power to change your health and life.  You have to make a heart and head decision that You are more than a conqueror, and that through Jesus Christ you can and literally have already WON whatever battle it is that you want to win.  Then as you SEE your True self, your actions start to follow in line with that.  Now those ACTIONS are more “natural” because they follow, or are BY PRODUCTS of your Identity.  Man that is good, and it is Good because it is God.  This is His Revelation, His design and it is just up to you and me to SEE it, Believe it and Recieve it in our hearts, then with our Mouth we just simply make true statement CONFESSIONS.  As we continue to make those Confessions and daily Renew our MINDS to the Truth, our actions line up and as we stay Consistent we See the results. 



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