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lunch9Check out my LUNCH today.  This is fresh water fish from my father in law, and some good ole turnip greens from him also.  This was very good eatin’ today and very nutritious.  I was still hungry after so I had a Clif Mojo (trailmix type) bar to go with it.  As always just trying to keep some good quality Nutrition info and options in front of you!!

We had a very busy weekend this past one.  My mom had surgery, on both arms, so I went to be with her for the surgery and the 2 days she spent in the hospital for recovery.  She is doing great and back home now Thank our Lord!!  LeAnne drove down that Saturday and met me with the boys so we could go to a family wedding that the boys were in.  They both did great and the wedding was truly beautiful.  One of the neatest things that they did in following Christ in their new marriage was to “WASH EACH OTHER’S FEET.”  I had never seen that done before at a wedding even though I am sure many have done it, I just hadnt seen it before.  I thought it was great.  And to me it was so much representative of EXACTLY how a marriage should be: Serving Each Other. 

At the reception Mamma asked me what WORDS OF WISDOM Papa would have given them in their new Life together if he was there.  The one thing that came to me was what I think the best MARRIAGE ADVICE is for any “new” and or “old” couple: Serve Each other, or GIVE.  Many people say and or hear from others that marriage is “give and take”.  While I understand what they are saying, it really isnt good advice at all.  That lends people to take the mindset that “hey, I will give, but I am going to expect them to give back to me.”  Dont get me wrong, we all want to be given back to, but if your giving or serving your spouse is based on them giving back to you then you are literally barking up the wrong tree.  The best advice is straight from the Bible.  THe Bible gives specific instructions for the wife to love, honor, and respect and serve her husband.  Then it tells the husband to love honor and treat or serve the wife just like Christ served/serves us!  It says nothing about doing your part if your spouse also does theirs.  See when you focus on GIVING only, dont worry, you will get back in return.  So again, for a GREAT MARRIAGE dont worry about “taking”, but focus on GIVING and God will make sure you get yours back in return!!

And yes this has a tremendous amount to do with your HEALTH.  It will be very hard to operate / live in Vibrant Health if your marriage is in turmoil.  ANd when you take your focus off of you and put it on serving your spouse, then health can literally abound inside you.  And yes I am preaching much to myself too!!


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