Will BIG goals help you or hurt you?

boysreading3Check the boys out in DB’s room yesterday.  David Ben had cut his leg on his bicycle and he needed a bandaid.  He also asked LeAnne “I need Joshua to come and help “heal” me and read books to me in my room.”  OH how sweet my little boys are.

I was thinking about people and health this morning.  And I was as many times wondering why so many people have such a hard time “taking control of their health.”  Yes there are many answers, but here is one that I want you to think about and see if this hits home for you and or someone you know:

Lets take money and “financial health” and use this as a perfect example and how it relates to health.  many times when people see “money” or “income” infomercials and or programs they get emotional charged and immediately they start thinking BIG!  ANd I believe it is great to think BIG.  The problem is they are thinking about hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars of income and they are looking for it quick.  They start the program and if it is a good solid program they probably are doing “better” financially, but usually not near what they first thought.  Once the hard facts set in that it is actually a Work program and the results are going to take longer, they usually GIVE UP.  Now the program was working, they were doing much better financially, but because they were so focused on the BIG and Fast results they got discouraged and just Stopped. 

This is very similar to how and why many people start a “health program” but dont succeed.  They get emotionally charged and have BIG goals.  During the process if they dont see those BIG results fast they get discouraged.  Even though they are making progress, because it is not the BIG that they initially wanted, they GIVE UP.  The literal Tragedy in this is that most of the time they are for sure making good progress and they are much better off than they were before they started the program. 

The deal here is that it is great to make and Expect BIG results.  And i would not dare encourage you otherwise.  I think it is good and very important to Dream And Expect Big.  The problem many times is just with timing.  Sometimes things just take longer.  Along the way you have to be realistic and evaluate your progress.  Be willing to CELEBRATE small positive changes.  Be willing to never Give Up on your Big Goals and at the same time be extremely excited about small progress.  And in the area of HEALTH / FITNESS always remember “progress” is progress.  Working out consistently for 1 week vs. not working out at all is PROGRESS.  EATING HEALTHIER for 1 week vs. continuing poor eating habits is progress.  Renewing your mind with His Word of who you are IN CHRIST and Confessing these Truths for 1 week is Progress!!! 

YOU CAN DO IT.  HIS WORD SAYS SO.  IT IS ALREADY IN YOU TO SUCCEED.  YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERY TOOL YOU NEED, JUST ACT ON IT.  Dont wait until the right time.  Now is the RIGHT TIME!!  Get on it dog’on it!!


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