Basic Nutrition Reminders. Fundamentals are key!

lunch10Check out another lunch / diner “healthy” option.  This is ground deer meat browned then I added some canned sweet peas.  (Yes I realize that ‘canned” is not as good as fresh but it is a “better” option than many other choices.)  Next I added in some of LeAnne’s homemade salsa.  Man this was delicious, and just another good healthy and tasty option for you. 

On the topic of NUTRITION, remember these basic Keys for Better Nutrition:

Dont let Food control you.  You choose to control food.  You dont have to be perfect just start right where you are and do 1 positive thing.  In doing that 1 positive thing, you start the change for you gaining control.

Be Prepared.  It is great to be Aware of things you need to do but it does you no good if you dont Prepare.  Prepare by getting rid of the foods you know dont need to be in your house.  Buy the better foods at the grocery store.  Keep good food options at work for snacks and meals. 

Cut back on grains.  I know we talk about this one a lot, but it is just so important.  Most people are eating the wrong type of grains plus way way too much quantity of grains. 

Add in more Good Fats.  Add in simple things like fish, nuts n seeds, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil.

Stay out of Condemnation.  Dont expect to “mess up” when you start on a better eating plan.  Also realize that if you do eat something you believe you should not have, quickly, immediately get over it.  Forgive yourself, God already has.  Let it go and go forward.  Dont focus on the 1 little thing you may have messed up on.  Instead encourage yourself with all the positives you have done, and most importantly the positives that you are doing going forward.


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