Even if you have failed, dont stop Expecting & Seeing!!

boyshammockWe hung up some hammocks for the boys under the Treehouse last week.  Check these cool dudes out.  As Joshua Paul says, they were “chillaxing”!  Good stuff right there I must say.

The “thing” i want to talk about today is something I know you have heard me talk about over and over, but again, it is worth repeating for all of us: NEVER EVER GIVE UP.  You know, I am a firm believer that if you have a Health and Life goal that you truly want to see come to pass in your life, you should keep expecting to see it no matter what.  No matter if all you think you have seen in regards to that goal is failure.  Even if all you think you have “tried” to do in the past has been of no value because you didnt “stick to the plan”.  Even in light of all that, I still believe you should Never Stop Believing, Expecting, and Speaking “good things”, GOD’S WORD, concerning that goal and or area of your life. 

I do believe the saying “if you are not growing you are dying” is true in many cases, but I also believe that sometimes just the fact that you dont go “backwards” can be progress in its own right.  And when you dont give up on your goals, even if you know you are not doing all that you “think you should” towards that goal, then you are at least doing something positive and keeping your heart and mind on seeing that come to pass in your life.  Now yes to continually delay a goal many times can be detrimental to you actually accomplishing that one day.  I realize this but too I realize that a little bit of “positivity” can go a long long way. 

My point with all this is to just keep Expecting and Speaking positive over your health and life even if you are not doing all the “Actions” you believe are required to accomplish any specific goals.  Keep reminding yourself that HE who is in you, JESUS CHRIST, is all that you will ever need to WIN in your health and life.  Keep reminding yourself and seeing yourself as having already accomplished your goal/s.  See yourself there, and see that it is actually already INSIDE you.  As you SEE yourself this way, then remember that your Actions will follow suit with your IDENTITY!!


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