The Natural Aging process: Just how “natural is it”?

boysrivertrip2010 042You might remember this pic from a while back.  That is actually me in mid air doing a back flip off a big rock down the river.  ANd that is a good buddy of mine coming in right behind me.  He actually had already done his “back flip” and I told him I would do one if he did, so I had to follow thru!!  This just brought back some great memories so I thought I would share it again.  Man that was some fun stuff!!  I guess I sense a “river trip” a brewing now!!  I know you hear me s.h., my good buddy.

I look at that pic and remember thinking “oh my!” right before I launched out.  It was something I hadnt done in a long time, but man it was so much fun.  This week is my 40th birthday, and I am going to do some stuff I have not done in a while!  If you remember from maybe a month or so back I shared with you that from the age of 30 to the age of 40 I have noticed that there are some things that I cant do as well now as I could when I was in my lower 30’s.  Some of those things I dont care to be able to do again.  Actually there are some of those things that I would like to do again, but I am not willing to pay the price that would be required to do them.  Some of those things though, I have set my mind to get back to doing them.  One of my main goals though is to make sure that by age 50 I can still do anything that I can do now at the age of 40. 

See I am not a believer at all that we just have to “age naturally” and or that our “bodies just naturally go down hill.”  I understand yes that there is some aging that will come no matter what, but I dont believe we should just accept the “norm” when it comes to this.  See the “norm” is not because it is just the way God made us.  No the norm happens mostly because of what we do and or dont do with the mind and the body.  And yes like the old saying “to each his own”.  You have to determine within yourself what you will and will not accept.  Just make sure you DO set you mind to not just accept anything.  Otherwise you will just be a product of just “accepting whatever comes your way.”  ANd that aint no way to live!

I have already set my mind.  And I already have several goals that I have set to start my 40 – 50 process.  I actually will start performing some “tests” this week to just see where I am at.  ANd over the summer I have planned to do several more, and then I will go from there.  This is a great way to set some markers for yourself and to challenge yourself to “GET MOVING” and mostly to NOT LET THE “NORM” HAPPEN to you.  Choose to “not just go downhill” just because you are getting older by your chronological age.  It is ok to accept some “less performance” in your physical abilities, but be careful just how much you accept!!


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