KJ – 40 Years old today! Every season just gets better

dbswimnHere is David Ben swimming yesterday.  Sorry the pic is not so clear.  I actually had a video from my phone and could not figure out how to get it loaded on here for you so I just took a pic from the video.  This was his true “first day of swimming” for us.  He has been swimming since last year when we got him with a swim instructor but he would not swim for us.  So yesterday he just took off swimming and he would not stop!!  That is my little man!

So today is the Big Day: I am 40 Years Old, 40 years Young, 40 years Wise, 40 years Fit, 40 years blessed and all that good stuff.  I was actually real excited this morning when I woke up.  I dont really know why other than I am just excited about my next years in life.  I hear a lot of people talk about the “good ole days” when they were in high school, college, or some other past time of their life.  ANd that is usually followed by them “wishing” they could go back to those days and referring to them as their “best” days.  Well I sure have a lot of great memories from all the “seasons” of my life, but I would not trade where I am right now just to go back to the past.  And again, I had some great times and great memories, but every season of my life just gets better.  And yes absolutely I have faced more and more challenges as I face different seasons, but that just comes along with the territory.  Remember, “challenges” do not have to be bad or negative, they are usually just opportunities to get better.  ***(remember many times the “challenges” we face are simply from our wrong choices.  God has forgiven us, so we forgive ourselves and go forward.  the “challenges” i am talking about are just the things that come with life and that require time, focus, effort, and or consistency)

So for me I am so excited to be 40!  And I am so excited to live right in the middle of all the wonderful blessings HE has for me this year, my 40th year of life!!  I am so blessed and it is all because He chose to LOVE me even though I never deserved it.  It is all because I am HIS son.

Look at life as a constant opportunity.  Dont focus on the past.  Dont “wish” you could go back to your younger years with less responsibility.  Yes those years were all fine and good, but we all “grow up” and gain more responsibility.  Embrace responsibility.  And remember that RESPONSIBILITY IS NOT BONDAGE.  RESPONSIBILITY IS EMPOWERMENT.  Take control of your health and your life, just because you can.  Be excited about life.  Be excited about your future, because HE has a mighty mighty good one already planned for you.  If you dont believe it though, you will not walk it out.  Like the Word says “Believe it and Recieve it.”  Remember that word Recieve is very aggressive, and can actually mean “to take what is yours”.   So take it.  It is not being selfish.  It is just taking and walking out what is already yours.  It is your health your life and your choice.  You have been empowered to have a life of abundance for all your years.  You can so GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!!


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