What I learned in Mexico!!

jpdbmexicoThe Johnson family just got back last night from our Mexico vacation!!  It was awesome, and as you should be able to tell from the pic, the boys had a blast.  The 3 1/2 days actually at the resort were jam packed.  It was definitely not one of those “relaxing” vacations where you just hang out around the beach and or pool.  As you can imagine with 2 little boys that run on “wide open” pretty much any time their eyes are open, it was constant go, go, and play, play.  And of course that is the way it should be.  It was fun to be had by all and the whole family had such a big time.  WHAT A BLESSING!!

Here are some of my thoughts in regards to our vacation and to health and life:

1. Food- NO matter where you go you can still be in CONTROL of your food intake.  Yes I know that most people “splurge” on vacation and that is fine with me if it is fine with you.  And I do “splurge” sometimes (really anytime I want), but for the most part I think it just helps out if you still keep things “under control” at least to some extent.  For example I still stayed away from grains for the most part.  I basically ate meat, lots of fruit, some vegetables, and some small desserts.  I probably would have eaten more ice cream but I wasnt very fond of its taste.  Anyway, I ate pretty decent and didnt come away feeling loaded down with a bunch of empty calories and causing my body to go into “fat storage” mode.  The food was actually much better than I expect from an “all inclusive” resort. 

2. Exercise-  I basically didnt work out any until the last day.  I got up early right before daylight and sat on the beach.  I spent some great quality time with my DAD and then I ran some sprints.  I like taking 3-4 day breaks every now and then from exercise, maybe every 4-5 months.  Once I go beyond about 3 days though, I start searching for a way to get some exercise.  And this is not because I feel like I “have to” but literally just because I want to.  I crave it (in a good way). 

3. Other – I got caught up in one of those “tight” situations again like the ride at Six Flags where I was locked and strapped down for what seemed like hours.  We went on a “sub marine” ride over the coral reef.  We all loaded on and it was very small and tight.  I was near the back which I thought “well hey this will be ok because I am right here at the back and the hatch is still wide open.”  Well then they closed the hatch!!  I had to do some pretty quick and serious praying and “thought controlling”.  It took some work but I quickly “grabbed” myself and took control of my thoughts.  I quoted scripture and spoke HIS Name, Jesus, many times.  And then I was fine and enjoyed the ride.  It was very cool and that was DB’s favorite part of our trip and I believe it was mainly because he got to see a Sea Turtle! 

4- More “other” – I learned more about ME as far as how much more I have to “get better”.   I had a great time and would not trade it of course mainly because the boys had such a great time.  The thing about Me i realized was that I still lost my patience too quick with the boys, especially after a long day of go go go.  And what I realized is that is just selfishness.  The less I think about me and the more I focus on helping others the less likely I will be to lose patience.  Now LeAnne is the best.  She is the one who of course had everything planned and made sure we had plenty for the boys to do.  Anyway, I just realized that I have much more work to do in that area.  I love my boys and man we had a big time.  Man we kept busy and I made sure to just keep doing what they wanted to do to make sure they had a big big time.  At the same time though I can look back and I could have done better.  So I will.

And all that goes back again to being more and more focused on others and less on self!  Pretty simple and you know it always comes out much better when you do that.  Some how God has made it where when you focus on others more than yourself, you end up having more good come to you.


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