Using the Power of the MIND that HE gave you to improve your Health and Life

jpdbmexicocastleCheck out my 2 little “cool dudes” on the beach in Cancun last week!  We built a sand castle (one of my favorite beach things to do) and as you can see inscribed it with “Johnson’s – Cancun”.  That was a fun trip!

I just got through training 3 college athletes.  2 of them are football players and 1 is a basketball player.  We were working on several areas of sports performance such as: Speed, Agility, Power, and Muscular Endurance, and most importantly “Mental Power and Control“.  One of the points that I made to them that I reinforce to all the athletes and clients we work with was the fact that to change your mechanics in any movement you almost always have to “think” about it.  If you want to improve any of your movement mechanics you are going to have to think through the new movement pattern everytime you perform related movements until the NEW MOVEMENT becomes AUTOMATIC or a HABIT.  I teach our athletes that if they dont make a CONSCIOUS Decision to MENTALLY think through the new pattern then it will never become THEIR new Habit!  If they will choose to think through it everytime consistently then sooner or later it will become Automatic, and their New Habit.  To do this takes constant EFFORT mentally and physically.  And like I tell them over and over, either way they are going to be putting out physical Effort, so they might as well make sure it is producing the Results they Desire!!

Man this is so much like health and life.  If you have something in your health and or life that you want to change then the problem usually is just that you dont have the CORRECT HABITS as it pertains to that particular area.  And it is not that you are Not Doing something in regards to that area, it is just that what you are doing is not the correct thing.  So in order to change that you are going to have to change your “movement pattern/s”, your efforts in that area.  And yes it does take effort.  but remember you are putting effort towards something, so it might as well be something that will produce the results you want.  And just like training athletic movement patterns, when you “mentally” make the effort to consistently do the right things, sooner or later those new actions will become the Right Habits.  And those new Habits will produce great results.

**Now remember as we have discussed numerous times, I am a big believer that just because you start “doing” a bunch of new “external” actions, that does not mean that those actions will automatically create a New Habit in your life.  I have seen many people do a bunch of New Actions for months, but nothing ON THE INSIDE changed such as: the way they “see” the problem they are facing; their thoughts towards the problem; their words concerning the situation; and the fact of correctly dealing with Fear and Condemnation.  So those people sooner or later just went back to their “old habits”.  Once you start to change those things on the inside and couple that with consistently making the better external choices, then that is when the Power is unleashed inside of you and you start to literally take control of and change your health and life for the better!


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