You should not Eat after 6/7 pm if you want to lose weight! Right?!

jpdbmexicoruinsHere is another pic from our Mexico trip.  The boys sure loved climbing into and on the structures.  It was pretty neat seeing all that and imagining what it must have been like living in that community and that culture so many years ago. 

Have you ever heard this Nutrition Tip for weight / bodyfat loss: Dont eat after 6/7pm?  You most likely have.  I hear people talk about it a lot and many believe it is an absolute.  For some reason it has been advised over the years and just taken as “truth” that if you eat at night after dinner, then that food will automatically turn into bodyfat.  Well as with many other “health” issues, that is not absolute.   I know for myself I have always eaten after dinner, and many times it winds up being right before bed.  Now yes for many years I did it to GAIN muscle, and for Muscle Gain that is a CRITICAL time to eat.  For the last 16 or so years of my life, WEIGHT GAIN has not been my goal.  Muscle Maintanence and Performance Improvement and or maintanence have been my goals for these last 16+ years.   For me it is easier to “keep my muscle” and Performance if I eat at night.  And one thing that is important to understand for all of us is that muscle maintanence or growth is important in order to keep our bodyfat levels low and or to lower them. 

As always, with Nutrition information it is usually not “one size fits all”.  People differ and get great results doing different things.  If you dont Eat after 6/7 pm and it has worked well for you as far as health maintenance and or improvements then great.  You should keep it up.  If you do want to see a difference in your health and your weight / bodyfat levels, and it is usually very very tough for you to not eat after 6/7 pm, then this is great news for you:  EATING AFTER 6/7 PM CAN BE VERY BENEFICIAL FOR HEALTH IMPROVEMENTS AND WEIGHT / BODYFAT LOSS IF YOU EAT THE RIGHT FOODS!!  Read that again if you need to.  You can literally eat late at night and it actually help you in your goal of losing bodyfat if you eat the right foods. 

I read a report on this topic today and they gave their 4 Top Foods to eat if eating after 6/7 pm.  One of the most important factors that decides the foods you eat at these times is whether or not the foods will promote quick insulin release in your body.  ANd we all know that is an important factor at anytime during the day.  It is just that certain times of the day, particularly later in the day, it is more important to watch out for foods that cause rapid and sharp rises in insulin levels. 

Here are the top 4 Foods they listed.  I am not going to give much explanation, just what they recommended.  I believe this is good advice to follow:

1. white protein – chicken breast, turkey. better full array of amino acids, slow digestion,

2. cottage cheese – approx. 80%casein, 20% whey = lower insulin trigger as opposed to just whey

3. green vegetables – low insulin trigger, plus of course the high nutrient profile

4. “low-carb” protein shake – use protein supplement + good fat source (almond butter, coconut oil, seeds n nuts)  fat slows absorption

There are many more good choices I am sure but if you follow this as a guide you can easily have some good foods at night, and stay in line for bodyfat and weight loss.  Much of it basically is all about keeping those HORMONE levels right so your metabolism will stay at “burn the fat up” mode, and you can do this while eating after 6/7pm.  Good stuff!


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    • want make it on their list, but may make it on mine. Ill have to check that out, sounds pretty good. great talking with you yesterday and look forward to our radio interview. that weekend of 27th is weekend we are in ohio but may can figure something out. kj

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