gameshapecamp2013Check out our good looking crew from GAME SHAPE CAMP 2013!  Man aint they some good looking young’uns!!  And yes thats mine on the end being silly! 

We ended up this Game Shape camp yesterday.  The kids got a lot in: working hard with bodyweight exercises; training speed and agility; improving core strength; Fun games; and ended it all up with a Water Balloon fight!!  Now that was a great camp.  Coach Arielle ran the camp for us and she does such a wonderful job with youth.  We are truly blessed to have her on our team here at God-Built!! 

Out of all we do with the kids, the most important part to us is the time we use to “TEACH THEM WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST JESUS.”  This, as we teach them, is the most important part that will impact every part of their lives now, in the future, and in the LIFE to come!!  God has blessed us so much over the years with being part of seeing many kids come to literally Know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and this camp was no different.  At the end of camp yesterday I was with them and asked them to raise their hand if they had prayed to recieve Christ as their Lord and Savior sometime during the camp.  We had 7 of the 9 campers raise their hand acknowledging that they had made that decision and commitment.  We also had another that came to Coach Arielle personally and asked her to pray with her to have a stronger relationship with Christ!!  Wow, now that for us IS what it is all about.  No doubt.  We gave them good physical and mental training that can help them now and for some time to come, but THE WORD that they Recieved in their heart and confessed with their mouth will last them the rest of their lives and for ETERNITY!!!  We thank God Almighty and literally are so Blessed to be able to be part of what HE is doing here thru GOD-BUILT!!  And thank you so much for your continued support of what we do here.  I really appreciate you for continuing to be part of Team God-Built whether you take part in our programs here in Carrollton or if you simply keep up with us here at!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 


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