KJ- coming clean about my Diet!!

boysairportCheck out the boys at the airport.  They were so excited to see the airplanes, especially David Ben since it was his first trip.  Good stuff!!

I sent out an overview of my Diet or Nutrition plan sometime last week.  As I said the list was “pretty much” how I had eaten that week.  One thing I want you to realize is that while that was and is how I eat for the most part, it does not mean I dont have other foods mixed in there that are not so healthy.  Yes as best as I can remember, last week I did have some chips one night when we went out, but truly only a few.  I did have ice cream 1 time that week.  And just this past saturday I had a snickers bar!!  So of course it is not that I eat perfect or anywhere close to it.  For the most part, and I would say that 80-90% of the time I eat pretty good.  The other 10+% of the time I eat things that I would consider “less healthy”.  Realize though that it is only a small percentage of the time.  I just wanted to be honest with you, especially if for any reason I ever led you to believe otherwise as far as my eating. 

Overall I eat pretty good.  I dont eat near as good as some people though.  I understand that NUTRITION is a huge key factor of Health and Performance.  And I believe that it is our Responsibility to not let food control us and instead we are given Power by HIM to control food.  In all that I have no problem with having some of those foods that are considered less healthy.  I enjoy them from time to time, but I choose to not let them control me.  And it really is that simple.  And of course the more progress you need and or want to make in your health then yes the more serious you will need to get with your Food actions. 


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