We are BLESSED to live in this awesome “GOD” country!

dbendogbowlI was going thru my pics and thought this was just too good to not post up for you today.  This is David Ben some time ago and literally “drinking out of the dog bowl”!!  Good stuff and makes me LAUGH all over again!

Tomorrow is The 4TH OF JULY, INDEPENDANCE DAY.  I am so thankful to God Almighty for allowing me to grow up and live in this awesome and Free country.  The Great USA is awesome and the best place in the world to live, and it is all because it was founded and established with God first.  We have been and remain to be a “great nation” first and foremost because the USA was founded on HIM and HE has and does Bless usHe is good

Also we are soooo blessed because many men and women chose and do choose to Serve our great country to protect our God given rights for FREEDOM!!  THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE AND WHO DO SERVE OUR COUNTRY!!  Man we are Wonderfully BLESSED!!  Have an AMAZING 4TH OF JULY INDEPENDANCE DAY CELEBRATION tomorrow and this weekend!!  You are blessed!


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