Age is NO EXCUSE!! Get on it dog’on it!

dicktlungeCheck out one of our “Star” clients.  DT is 71 years old and going very very strong!!  He and his wife have been with us here at God-Built for over 10 years.  We very much so appreciate their loyalty and support of what we do and how we do it here at GB!!  And we appreciate their commitment to controlling their health.  They have made that choice to stay committed and it has and will continue to PAY OFF for them!!

Remember that just because you are getting older in no way means you have to just accept “health decline”.  God did not just make our bodies to go down hill and fall apart as we get older.  Because this is what we see many times and may have personally experienced does not mean it is what has to be and or is “supposed to be.”  God gave us a body that is amazing, and no matter what your age and or current condition, it is still amazing.  And you might just be amazed at what you can do if you choose to.  I realize that all of us have different challenges to overcome.  And yes some challenges are tuffer to overcome than others.  Through Jesus, we have been empowered to literally take control and keep control of our bodies, our health.  Yes it takes time and energy, and it usually does not get “easy”.  Remember what we say about that though: SO WHAT?! 

Take a lesson from DT, and realize that your age is not an excuse.  You can improve your health, but yes it is up to you.  So in that there is tremendous EMPOWERMENT, not bondage.  As you realize your health is your choice it should not bring bondage or condemnation.  No not at all.  This realization should bring “empowerment”, but it is all in how you choose to “see” it.  So “see it” as a power that has been given to you.  Forget about the past and go on.  Today is a brand new day.  This moment right now is a brand new moment full of God’s Opportunity given to you.  Take advantage of it and do something today that pushes you forward in taking control of your health and life!!  **And remember it does not have to be something BIG!!  It is the “simple” and small things that add up over time.  And if you wait to do something Big, you may “wait” for a long time!!


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  1. Awesome! I love hearing the affirmation that the “falling apart as we get older” is NOT inevitable and that our choices make such a big difference. God DID design our bodies miraculously!

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