Goolash for Lunch! Easy and Simple way to improve health

lunch11Check out the “goolash” i ate today for lunch.  This is actually leftovers from last nite’s “taco night” at the Johnson’s.  The boys love “make your own tacos night” and it is pretty amazing to see how many tacos / burritos they can eat.  I think they love it mainly because they get to make their own and that is a good mommy for you, always finding ways to do special things for the boys.  Good stuff, man I am blessed!

Here is a list of the ingredients for my goolash:

ground deer meat

black beans

basmati rice (i only use a little)

shredded cheese


corn ( i only use a little)

fresh tomatoe out of the garden.

This is a pretty healthy meal choice, especially when you keep the rice and corn on the low end.  With corn you have to remember that the majority of all corn grown in the US is GE, genetically engineered.  This corn was grown in LeAnne’s dad’s garden, but i am not sure if the seed was gmo or not.  Either way corn is not something that you should eat a lot of.  I grew up on a farm and we always farmed corn every year.  And it is hard to beat some fresh out of the garden “cream corn”!  My suggestion is just to keep the corn to a minimum.  And remember grains, including corn, can be highly PRO-inflammatory for you body.  And some people “feel” the results more so than others in the form of arthritis, poor hormonal balance, and other disease. 

As we suggest here at God-Built, one of the easiest things you can do to take control of your nutrition is to cut back on your grains.  I am not saying you have to cut them out totally, even though some people do and see great results.  We recommend that you simply cut them in half to start with.  This is actually pretty simple and easy.  And remember as you do this choose also to slowly add in some good ole vegetables such as: cucumber, squash, zucchini, broccoli, kale, spinach, bell peppers, etc.   Realize that the list of “good’ vegetables is huge and if you dont like the taste of something then DONT EAT IT!!  For most if they dont like the taste and they think the “HAVE TO” then it wont last l0ng.  There are plenty enough good tasting “to you” vegetables out there, so choose them. 


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