Part 2: Why do we do what we dont want to do. Vice versa!

dbdoritomouthCheck out David Ben and his “dorito ring” around his mouth!  Got to love it.  I surely dont recommend Doritoes as a healthy snack, but I cant deny they do taste durn good!  So if you dont want to get caught up in eating them, my suggestion is to keep them out of the house!! 

Back to our question from yesterday: Why in the world do we do the things we do not want to do?  Why do we not do the things we want to do and or know we should do?  I got several very good responses from this question and thank you to all who did respond.  I am going to share with you in short a few of the responses:

1.We do this because the desire for the short term “feeling” or satisfaction overrides our “knowing” of the long term negative  impact of our actions.  Basically, the long term affects are too far removed from us, and or is not “real” enough or “close” enough to cause us to make the better choice.

2. We need to use the blessings that God gave us to be able to make the right decisions on a consistent basis.  (this one is getting red hot to the foundational answer I believe!!) 

3. Fear of Failure.  (this is very commont!)

4. The “age old” battle we face as Believers.  We have a New nature, but the “old” nature is constantly trying to creep back in. 

Man all those are great and will help us to figure out the real answer in all this.  ANd trust me their is “AN ANSWER”.  There are several answers, but truly they all stem from the main answer.  I am going to touch on it a little right now, but as I study the TRUTH on this, THE WORD OF GOD, I am going to share more.  And I am saying all this not because I think I have all the answers, but this mainly came up honestly for myself.  I want the answer to this and Thank God for giving me the answer and how to literally apply it in my own life.  ANd I believe me and you can benefit from this, so again that is why I am sharing with you as I go along. 

Also, this Sunday I have the great opportunity to teach at my church.  As of now this is going to be my topic.  I say “as of now” because there are many times that God changes “my topic” right before. 

Using answer #2, I think we can start on some good ground, and it will help us to get down and create a foundation.  Any other answer will have to be built upon this foundation or it will not be part of The Answer!  The answer basically was, and is, “to use the blessings God has given us to make the right decisions / choices in our health and lives.”  Now this is good stuff, but I want to go one step deeper because again we have to have the deepest foundation to stand on.  Yes God has already blessed us with the ability, the power, the right to make the right decisions.  THat power does not have to be prayed for and or asked for, it only has to be recognized, then used.  To know that you have this power, to know that it came and comes from HIM, to know that He gave it to you because you are HIS son / daughter, and to know it is all based on HIS LOVE for You will give me and you the foundation.  See it is all based on HIS LOVE.  IT is not based on our great ability and or “will power”.  Will Power is great but it will only take you so far.  Some know how to access it just through simple “mental” control and can do amazing things, but “will power” is not the key.  Knowing His Love for you and what He has “Given” you already thru the LIFE of JESUS CHRIST is your foundation for every part of your health and life.  And so too it is the foundation to being able to override that old nature and realize that the “old man” is truly not who you are anymore.  The Word says you are literally a NEW CREATURE.  YOU have been given and made everything you need and need to be in order to overcome anything in this life, including making the correct decisions on a consistent basis.  MAN I done got fired up!! Yeh baby!  this is exciting stuff.  

I am excited to stay on this subject for another few days or so.  I may skip some days or posts and talk about different topics but dont worry we will finish this up and make sure we all have THE ANSWER!!  Just to give you a clue though: THE ANSWER IS IN HIM and IS HIM, and HIM is in me and you!!  It always has and always will!! 

**and if you have anything you want to add and or disagree with please comment on it and let me know. 


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