When walking in “The Blessing” becomes a by product!

lunch12Check out my delicious lunch that my wonderful wife cooked for me.  Fresh vegetables from the garden: peas w salsa on top, squash, tomatoes.  Also a fresh chicken breast.  I say “fresh” not cause it was fresh from our yard, but “freshly” cooked by LeAnne.  It was delicious!!

I spoke again today at a meeting and I spoke on God’s amazing Love.  When it all comes down to it, it is all about HIS awesome LOVE for us.  HIS love for you and me is everlasting, unconditional, and overcomes any other thing we may face in life.  The Word actually says in 1 John that “God is Love”!  So you can read that as “God = Love”.  Our ability to succeed in our health and lives for joy, peace, health and abundance is all because of His Love.  His Love is what it all hinges on.  His Love is our foundation.  As we understand more and more about HIS LOVE for us, we start to believe right and “see ourselves” rightly, then we start to “act right” and or “live right”. 

It really is simple.  Yes it takes action and consistent action to have consistent success in our lives.  And remember you are the one who has to determine what you believe is His Best as far as “success” in your health and life.  Either way though, you have to establish a level of what you can believe for in your health and life, then base it on His Word, and His Love.  As you focus more and more on His Love and understand it more, the “Blessings” become just a by product!!


Godbless u kj

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