Be like a kid = less stress, more accomplished, peace, joy!!

dadnboysairportCheck out me and the boys and the “moving walking thing” at the airport from our vacation a few weeks ago.  It is neat how simple things like the “moving walking thing” is such a big deal to them.  Hmmm, guess we need to be “easily excited” like kids!! 

You know, kids have life pretty much figured out to a large extent.  You know, Jesus said we would have to become like kids in order to enter into His Kingdom, and that applies not only to His Kingdom as far as Heaven after this life, but also His Kingdom which is the here and now that we live in!

I say kids have it figured out to a large extent because they DONT WORRY much at all about tomorrow.  Yes I realize because of circumstances some kids worry about tomorrow, but for the most part when you put kids in a secure environment, they dont focus on tomorrow.  They focus on today, the here and now.  They focus on literally getting as much done as they can and getting the most “fun” out of the day.  I know because I see this in the boys.  They can go go and go.  They are always looking to maximize the moment.  I understand that there is wisdom in being patient and not trying to “make everything happen” right now.  This is different though.  Kids literally, seems to me anyway, focus mostly on the moment they are in and maxing out that moment.  And man oh man we can and should learn so much from that.  As adults we “know too much” and I think just stay in that “survival” mode way too much.  I know for me many times I am just trying to make it through the day, and then tomorrow boy I can really do better and do more.  Well “tomorrow” comes and just turns into another “today” and then we always wind up worrying about whatever and putting off what we should be doing today until tomorrow.   So we get caught up in that ugly cycle.

The key for the kids is they dont worry.  They dont try to “save their energy” or time and effort for another day.  They usually just soak up everything they can for the moment.  The worry and stress and fear we deal with is what puts us in survival mode and ends up draining all our energy, peace, and joy.  So you and me literally need to take Jesus’ advice and be just like those little ones.  Yes as adults we have issues and responsibilities, but that does not mean in any way that we can not handle those “things” without being in fear, doubt, and worry.  And we can maximize the moment like kids and enjoy life a whole heck of a lot more in the process!!




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  1. whats up with eating at Chick-fil-a….There’s nothing good for you there…haha saw you in the drive thru

    • Man i got caught!! well it could of been 1 of 2 times i remember being there recently: #1- buying milk shakes for the boys, ye and me too. #2 buying coffee. i drink coffee about 2 times / week in the evenings. and if i dont make my own, for some reason i like theirs a lot.
      the boys do like to eat there, so if i do eat there it is usually 2 chicken sandwiches without the bread.
      pretty funny that i got called out on that one!! kj

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