Doing a “superman” movement. Being a “Superman”

woutscottCheck out Scott K one of our most consistent clients.  He is doing a “Superman” movement.  As you can see he is in a wheelchair but he does not let that stop him from taking control and keeping control of his body to the best of his ability.  Scott is actually a prime example of one of the principles we believe and teach here at God-Built: You start where you are at and do your best at your own level of ability. 

See Scott could have some pretty good excuses for not working out.  It is very “inconvenient” for him.  He has to modify most all the exercises and workouts.  He can not do the exact same things as many others.  ANd on and on.  But no, Scott DOES NOT ALLOW those “excuses” to be issues in his life.  They are real issues that are there but they do not control his actions because HE DOES NOT ALLOW THEM TO!  Scott also has recently lost somewhere around 20 pounds of weight. (can’t remember the exact figure).  Again because of his limited ability to do many exercises, it literally is more of a challenge for him to exercise in a way as to promote weight / bodyfat loss.  Again though he does not let the excuses stop him.  Man now we all can learn from this.  Bottom line, He has taken where he is, or was, at in his health and taken control and chosen to improve his health and life. 

All I am trying to say or do here is motivate and encourage you that you can take control of your health and life starting right now, no matter what.  And if you already are on the way then great!  Keep it up!  You can not allow Excuses to dominate your health or life.  There literally are NO EXCUSES!  When you CHOOSE in your heart and your mind to take control, then you can not be stopped.  Yeh Baby!  **and thanks Scott for being a great example for all of us!! 


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  1. I know personally from first hand experience that Scott is the Best of The Best, both Inside & Outside! Thanks for the great article!

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