Rained out at Six Flags: JP still CHOSE to have a Great Day!

jpbballwinnerCheck out Joshua Paul at six flags with his basketball he won yesterday!!  We had this Six Flags tripped planned so even though the weather was “questionable” we went on.  We prayed for God’s Favor and for a great day.  On the way we kept saying we were going to have a great day, and we were going to have a great day because we “choose” to have a great day.  Well it rained us out after only 1 ride!!  And guess what:  We still had a GREAT DAY!

After they shut the rides down, we played about 5 of those games that are set up for you “not” to win.  I am not knocking the games but we all know they are extremely hard to win and especially for little kids.  And of course they couldnt make money if everyone won!  So I completely understand.  Anyway Joshua Paul played 5 games.  He did not win in the first 4.  When we got to the basketball game I told him it was his last game and he could get one shot.  I told him I believed he could and would make the shot.  He agreed.  1st shot: miss by a long shot!  The lady running the game “gave him another shot” at no charge.  2nd shot: little closer but still a miss.  Lady gave him another “free” shot.  3rd shot: closer but a miss.  Lady gives him a final shot.  4th shot: even closer but still did not “ring the goal.”  I of course brag on him for getting closer and closer to the goal, and tell him that he did a great job and really “won” even though he missed it.  He suprisingly was not upset at all, even though we both were expecting a win.  In the middle of my encouraging him that he still did a great job, the lady interrupts us and tells him to pick out his PRIZE basketball, anyone he wanted!!  Wow!  Not sure if you can read it but it is a USC TROJAN basketball.  He wanted it because as he said he was a “trojan” as in Carrollton Trojans. 

All this long story of course has a great point.  Joshua Paul had very high expectations for Six Flags and for riding all the rides.  We prayed and spoke God’s Favor for a GREAT DAY.  It rained us out from riding rides.  So found option 2.  We played games.  We wanted him to win.  Played 4 games and did not “win” anything.  Played the 5th game and got 3 extra “Free” opportunities.  Still did not make the goal.  He Kept a GREAT ATTITUDE and the lady GAVE HIM A PRIZE, A BASKETBALL!!  After this we were expecting it to stop raining.  It did not.  We choose to leave and go to Chucky Cheese and play bunches of video games!!  We had a great day!!

I think you get my drift here of what I am saying for all of us.  Many times we miss the Blessings of God because we STOP EXPECTING as soon as Adversity comes.  NEVER EVER STOP EXPECTING from God!  NEVER EVER GIVE UP!  God’s Favor is real, it aint fair, and it cant be bought.  It is just there for you to walk in and live in.  But it does take Faith.  And Faith is believing (total expectation) in what you cant see no matter how long it takes!!



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