Are you “playing the lottery” with your health and life?

boysfirstdayschool12We are getting ready for the boys 1st of School tomorrow!  The pic is of the boys “1st Day of School 2012”.  LeAnne already has her “1st Day of School 2013” signs and stuff  ready!  Gonna be great! 

FAITH: A confident Expectation of things to come.  A fully persuaded belief of something.  This is what true Bible FAITH is. 

True Faith IS NOT waivering.

True Faith is NOT based on Emotions.

True Faith is NOT based on how “it looks”.

True Faith is NOT based on past experiences.

True Faith is NOT moved by “time”.

ON the other hand:

True Faith IS being fully convinced.

True Faith believes in what it can not SEE with the natural eyes.

True Faith Does stand for however long it takes.

True Faith Never Ever Ever Gives Up!!!

Remember to get where you want to get in your health and life it is going to require FAITH, true Faith!  Without Faith it is very unlikely that you are going to accomplish any health and life goals.  Without Faith you will be literally “hoping” that something will work and produce desired results.  ANd like we have said many times, that is pretty much no different than basing your financial income on the lottery.  Someone is going to win, but it is very very very extremely unlikely.  And it is all based on probability.  There is no “surety” or Faith in that.  So dont “play the lottery” with your health and life.  Base your health and life on The Word of God and His Power that is inside you already thru Christ Jesus. 

And when it comes to “a health and or life program” for improvement, just get started with one.  ANd put your Faith not in the plan, but in the Power that is in you to literally “MAKE THAT PLAN WORK FOR YOU”!!!


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