Exercise and Effeciency – what works best

boysturboWe took the boys to the movies saturday evening and they had to get their pic took on “turbo”.  They actually had already seen “Turbo”, so we saw the new “Planes” movie.  It was pretty cool.  They loved it of course, especially David Ben as he is “into” planes and jets now!  Great family fun.

I had a few discussions this weekend with different people about exercise and what I believe is the most “Effective” form of exercise.  First let me just say that the most important thing is to MOVE!!  Find a way to MOVE.  Become MOVEMENT MINDED!  That basically means you can choose to be mindful everyday of the need to MOVE / Exercise.  And it literally is as simple as walking more by parking further back in a parking lot, taking the stairs, go for a 5 minute walk, get on the floor during commercial breaks and do pushups, and or taking the kids out and running with them in the yard.  It really does all add up over time. 

As far as “working out”, here at God-Built we have always been believers in EFFECIENCY!  We want you to do the most Effecient exercises that will produce the best results in the shortest amount of time, especially if you follow our recommendations of short 5-10 minute  workouts.  ANd remember the main thing is that you MOVE, no matter what that Movement or Exercise is, just MOVE!  If you want that “effeciency” factor though, do “full body” movements that require more from the body such as Squat Press, Burpees, Power Cleans, Clean Squats, Lunge and Presses, etc.  These movements require more from the body and are truly very effecient exercises, when done correctly.  **(If you have noticed godbuilt.com is “changing”.  We are very close to having our “Daily Workouts” and Exercise Demos set up for you!! Yeh Baby!)

Also “HOW” you do those exercises is extremely important.  First and Foremost we want you to do them CORRECTLY with Proper Technique!  This is always extremely important so that you reduce your chance of injury and you INCREASE your Effeciency!!  Next you want your INTENSITY to gradually Increase.  In the beginning you basically want the Intensity to be on the lower to medium level so you can FOCUS on the TECHNIQUE part.  **It is very hard to learn PROPER TECHNIQUE when your Intensity is High.  We always recommend you learn the Correct Form then you can gradually increase your intensity as you go.   As you increase your Intensity the goal will be to truly push yourself very hard, with Proper Technique, for the given time period of workout.  When you PUSH THE INTENSITY level, it requires so much out of the body that the body responds with certain metabolic changes that produce positive health changes.  It is that simple.  And yes, again, 5 – 10 minute workouts can be HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.  Especially when you do them with HIGH INTENSITY and CONSISTENTLY!

The main thing again is to MOVE.  And learn the best exercises to do and how to do them correctly.  Then do them in a “high intensity INTERVAL” format.  That is what we have found in over 17 years of training clients to be the most effective form of exercise training.  ANd realize that yes this type of Training has grown in popularity over the last several years, but that is not why we heavily promote it.  We transitioned to this type of “Interval training” training around 2001, 2002.  We had always done high intensity interval training with our clients, especially our athletes, but once we “learned” and “saw” that it could be a HIGHLY EFFECIENT way for us to train all our clients and maximize our Time with them, we totally changed our programs to where HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING was the base of all our training programs.  ANd again it was purely from an Effeciency and RESULTS standpoint.  So as we have said before “WE WERE DOING HIGH INTENSTIY INTERVAL TRAINING before High Intensity Interval Training was COOL!!”


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