Monsters. Zombies. Doubt. Just “harmless” things?!?

jpsixflagsCheck out Joshua Paul and his “scary” face while waiting in line to ride the “Monster Mansion” at Six Flags.  This was actually the only ride we got to ride that day because of the rain.  This also was the day that we CHOSE to not let the circumstances “make us” have a bad day and instead “made the day a Great Day!”  Yeh Baby!

Looking at this picture reminds me of the fact that many kids like “scary” stuff.  They like to talk about it, hear about it, and joke around about it.  I understand because I was the same way when I was growing up.  And I know that ‘playing around” with all the scary stuff can be exciting.  Many kids, and adults, are all into this zombie stuff too. 

I remember growing up all us kids would love to hear ghost stories and absolutely loved horror movies and “haunted houses”.  Again, I understand all this is fun to kids and to adults.  But…, and this is a big ole “but”: You have to be careful of what you allow to come into your life and your kid’s life.   Once you open up this door of fear and evil, it can and usually inevitably will bring FEAR into your life on some level.  There is an enemy we fight.  This enemy is one that uses Fear, Doubt, and Unbelief to literally STEAL, KILL, AND DESTROY.  You may think I am taking this overboard, but I dont believe so at all. 

Let me give you a real life example in my life.  We have done our best to make sure the boys are filled with the right things.  Also, we understand that we cant guard them from everything, and they will be exposed to things we dont believe are good for them.  For me and LeAnne we believe that our job is to teach them of His Goodness, and His Love, and His Principles.  Then once something comes up that is contrary to that, they will recognize it, and go to His Goodness instead.  And at the same time we try to limit their exposure to the “negative” things that are contrary to what we believe God would have for their best.  This being said, we have discouraged any “horror” and or “death” stuff for the boys.  And we do not let them watch “scary” movies.  Now that is our decision as parents and what we believe is right for our kids, and each parent has to make their own decision.  Even though they dont watch these type movies and or read these type of books, they still get exposed to it from other sources.  And of course as kids, again, they like to kid around about “scary” or “spooky” stuff.  We just try to remind them of what is Real, what is God, what is Good, and what is not good. 

Recently one of the boys did something that basically let us know that he had been exposed to some pretty bad “horror” type characters.  Of course he thought it was all funny, but we knew there was nothing funny about it.  We sat him down and first of all told him he was not in trouble, but this was a very serious situation.  We explained to him how our enemy tries to constantly get our thoughts off of God’s Goodness and on FEAR!  We of course told him that he had nothing to FEAR because God did not give him a spirit of Fear, but of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind.  We explained to him that even though those Powerful truths of God are real in our lives no matter what, if we put our focus on Fearful things, then that can quikly become our dominating thoughts.  And that we choose God’s Thoughts of Love, Peace, Purity, Goodness, and Virtue. 

I am simply using a current real life situation with my family to help you, and me, to realize the very Deceptive ploy of our enemy to get us to focus on Fear.  And this of course goes beyond using just “horror” stuff, but using any Fearful thoughts such as: Loss; Past Failures; Not having what it takes to Win; Questioning God’s True Goodness; etc.  See we all deal with these thoughts.  But if we KNOW WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST, then we can literally take every thought captive and put it up against what The Word says about us and our lives, our futures.  If any thought does not line up with The Truth, then we immediately “cast that thought down” and replace it with TRUTH!! 

Oh man this is so important for you and me, for our kids, and everyone.  God has a great plan of health and life for you and your kids.  His Best is what He has already given you.  Choose to fill yourself with His Thoughts, not the enemy’s!!


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