FUNDYS for you. Fundys for Better Health & Life

zachcarverjackpcleanCheck out this group of young Athletes doing some good ole Power Cleans today during their workout here at God-Built!  Good looking and Strong young men. 

2 of these athletes have been working with us here at GB for around 2 years now.  They have come a long way and made in improvements in many areas of athletic performance including power, speed, strength, mobility, and endurance.  Still, we focus on and “drill” on FUNDAMENTALS every workout.  I know they probably get tired of me REPEATING The Basics to them for different movements, but I do it anyway.  And as I tell them, the reason I continue to Repeat The Basics is because that is their Foundation for improving those areas of sports performance as it concerns the “physical” part of it. 

For all of us, in any area of life, THE BASICS are vital for producing Great Results.  I still remember being blessed to go and play college football.  Here I was having played “organized” Team football every year of my life since the 1st grade and now getting to compete on the collegiate level.  My idea of what “college” practice would look like was definitely different from what it was.  I just assumed we would be doing all “new” and “fancy” stuff.  While yes college football was extremely different in many ways, it was very shocking to me that our first 25-30 minutes of every practice was what they called “FUNDYS”.  FUNDYS was Fundamentals.  We would split up in our positions  and each position group would perform 25-30 minutes of literal Fundamentals.  And we did this every day, every week, and for the entire season. 

Many times when you and I are looking to improve in any area of our health and life, we are looking for the “latest and greatest”, and or the new fancy “quick” plan.  While some of those things are fine, usually if you are going to succeed with CONSISTENCY, then it is going to require REPEATING FUNDAMENTALS.  There are Fundamentals for every area of life: Health, athletic performance, Finances, Marriage, Job, etc.  And even though THE FUNDAMENTALS, FUNDYS, are not always the Funnest things to do, they will produce results when done correctly and consistently.  FUNDYS are good to do on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Fundys, Yeh Baby!


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