3 Simple Rules for Better RUNNING!

jpbarefootrun2Check out my man running Bare Foot yesterday!!  Look at that FORM!!  And no, I didnt make him run.  We were on the way back home from the pool and he asked me if he could run home!  Of course I said YES!  Daddy is well pleased! 

ON the subject of Running, lets talk about some Simple Mechanics for Running, speed and distance.  There are more specifics but if you follow these simple steps, you will have a great Start:

Light on Your FEET, Balls of your Feet or MidFoot strikeABSOLUTELY NO Heel Toe Striking.  For the sake of keeping this short – Heel Toe running is Extremely Ineffecient and Very INJURY Promoting!!  Never Run Heel Toe.  Your Foot should land pretty much under your body on the Balls of your Feet or Midfoot.  When you Heel Toe strike you are landing IN FRONT OF THE BODY, which is very much Not Good!   

Heel Pop – ONce you land and your momentum carries you foward (which takes only a split second), you simply “POP” your Heel right back up under and or towards your butt.  The bigger the stride, the bigger the Heel Pop. 

Smooth Relaxed Arms – keep your Arms bent at a 90* angle at the elbow.  Dont bend your elbows anymore, simply move from your shoulder joint.  Your wrists should not drop below your waist level as you move them back and forth.  Keep your wrists loose and make sure your arms are moving straight forward and back.  Absolutely NO side to side movement. 

There you have it.  3 Simple RUNNING Rules to follow for Good Running Mechanics!  Yes there is more, but when you get very good at these, you have the majority as far as Mechanics. 


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